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Central NOK Zrt.

The business activity of Central NOK Szervező Zrt. is the organising of National Home Creation Communities in Hungary. The National Home Creation Community (abbreviated to NOK in Hungarian) is one of the most innovative and successful new home purchasing solutions available. The financial product, which was launched in 2017, combines the best features of several types of savings vehicle. It offers a safe and predictable savings opportunity for Hungarian families who want to start setting aside the funds they'll need for buying a new home in good time and in a well-planned way.

The model, which is transparent and operates with secure backing, makes planning savings more convenient and achievable over several time horizons and with numerous instalment plans to choose from. Another important benefit of community home buying – besides prudent and transparent operation – is that apart from facilitating savings of tens of millions of forints over the 120 and 180-month cycles, it provides considerable government support, of around HUF 4.5 million, for members who have made their payments regularly.

Members of the communities, which are supervised by the National Bank of Hungary, can – with this significant government support – acquire the new property that they've set their sights on without borrowing or paying interest, possibly before the end of the full saving cycle.

Central NOK Szervező Zrt. received the licence from the National Bank of Hungary authorising it to carry out its activity as a Certified Organiser on 12 April 2017.





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