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Carion Finanszírozási Centrum Zrt.

Carion Finanszírozási Centrum Zrt. obtained its operating licence from the regulatory authority (then PSZÁF, now the National Bank of Hungary), for finance leasing, loan provision, financial intermediation and factoring. Its profitable operation enabled the owners to increase the HUF 50 million in registered capital originally necessary for establishing the company to HUF 150 million in 2014, and its equity currently exceeds HUF 600 million.

Carion Finanszírozási Centrum Zrt. launched its market activity in 2008, providing mortgage-based lending to private individuals. In 2010, the Company joined the New Széchenyi Credit Programme for the funding of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. In recent years, the focus has shifted away from lending to private individuals, and SME lending is now a successful and prominent business line.

By the end of 2016 the Company had disbursed HUF 10 billion in loans under the auspices of various credit programmes, to over 600 businesses in Hungary. This has placed it in prestigious third place among the financial service providers participating in the New Széchenyi Credit Programme, ahead of the entire domestic commercial-bank and savings-cooperative sector.

The Company is proud to have become the first Hungarian contracted partner of the Luxembourg-based European Investment Fund. The refinancing agreement concluded between CFC and the EIF assists micro-enterprises in Hungary in gaining access to sources of funds.

With a view to expanding corporate financing activity, in 2016 cooperation agreements were concluded with the guarantee institutions Garantiqa and AVHGA, making it possible for non-standard transactions to be secured with institutional guarantees.

The Company – together with 12 other financial firms – is a founder, and president, of the Association of Corporate Finance Providers.





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